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STONELINE® 4 pc Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set Wooden Handle, Sharpener, Wooden Box
STONELINE® - The original! Barbecuing is no longer just a good-weather pleasure, but has become a popular year-round activity. The premium steak knife set is ideal for enjoying your barbecue at its best. The knives effortlessly slice through even the thickest steaks, chops or chicken. Prepare grilled vegetables, salads and other favourite grilled dishes with ease. Chopping, slicing, mincing - thanks to the sharp blade made of high-quality forged chrome-molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel (X50CrMoV15), you can do these jobs with pure pleasure. The continuous metal core in the handle provides perfectly balanced knives which, thanks to the ergonomic handle, enable comfortable handling and a secure grip. The versatility of these knives makes them a pleasure to use in any kitchen. Please clean the high-quality knives by hand like any other professional knife and not in the dishwasher: due to the high temperatures and aggressive cleaning agents, knives should not be put in the dishwasher. By cleaning them by hand, you will maintain their quality and sharpness as well as possible and will be able to enjoy them for a long time. If your knives do need a little more sharpness, you can achieve this with the sharpening stone with 2 different grits included in the set. You can also give this pleasure as a gift, as the knife set is supplied in an elegant wooden box. 4 steak knives, total length approx. 23.2 cm, blade length approx. 12.3 cm1 sharpening stone with two sharpening strengths1 wooden storage box The most important advantages of the STONELINE® steak knife set at a glance: Made from high-quality, rust-free chrome-molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) Ergonomic handle for safe and non-slip cutting Continuous metal core in the handle for perfect balance With sharpening stone Easy to clean Ideal as a gift set: supplied in high-quality wooden packaging Blade material: Stainless steel
€59.95* €119.95* (60,00 € saved)
Natural Line® 5 pc Stainless Steel Knives Set, with Foldable Magnetic Knife Block
Natural Line® Climate-Neutral Recycling Knife Block. From Nature – for Nature! The Natural Line® products are made from renewable resources such as sugarcane, bamboo, or straw. They are produced in a climate-neutral manner and support recognized climate protection projects. For Our Future – For Our Children! This knife block comes equipped with chef's knives suitable for processing all kinds of foods.Thanks to the magnetic field in the knife block, you can position your knives easily, quickly, and always within reach!The stainless steel knives with titanium coating feature an extremely sharp blade. Effortlessly, they can be used to chop your food.The knives have a comfortable grip, attributed to the ergonomic straw handle.You can conveniently store the foldable stand in your drawer. This set includes:1 Magnetic Knife Block, approximately 23.9 cm x 21.8 cm1 Chef's Knife, blade length approximately 20.1 cm, total length approximately 32 cm1 Bread Knife, blade length approximately 20 cm, total length approximately 31.8 cm1 Fillet Knife, blade length approximately 20.2 cm, total length approximately 31.8 cm1 Utility Knife, blade length approximately 12.5 cm, total length approximately 22.5 cm1 Paring Knife, blade length approximately 9.0 cm, total length approximately 19.0 cm  The key advantages of Natural Line® stainless steel knives at a glance: High wear and corrosion resistance due to titanium coating Extremely sharp Space-saving storage Ergonomic handle for comfortable handling Handle made from renewable resources Environmentally friendly – recyclable – biodegradable – industrially compostable Excellent CO2 footprint, produced in a climate-neutral manner (certified by ClimatePartner) NO use of oil-based resources – conserving fossil resources Material: Stainless Steel, Wheat Straw, PP, Wood
€39.95* €99.95* (60,00 € saved)
STONELINE® 2 pc CERAMIC Knives Set 21/28 cm, with Safety Sheath | Back to Nature
STONELINE® – The Original! Wood is the trendy style element to add a warm accent to any kitchen ambiance and create a calming, balanced atmosphere. The Back to Nature line from STONELINE® combines these attributes. The products in stylish wood design become a harmonious eye-catcher even on a set table. Style meets technology: These knives with wooden design handles are the highlight in every kitchen. The hardness of ceramic is surpassed only by diamonds – that's why the blades of these knives remain extremely sharp and effortlessly glide through the food even after intense use. Another advantage: The lightweight of ceramic knives allows for comfortable cutting. The blades of these knives are also double-edged, making them suitable for both right- and left-handed individuals. The stainless knives are tasteless and odorless, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. The utility knife is perfectly suitable for cutting fruits, vegetables, sausages, or cheese, while the chef's knife is designed for cutting meat, fish, or poultry. This 2-piece set consists of:1 utility knife, total length approx. 21 cm, blade length approx. 10 cm, with blade protector1 chef's knife, total length approx. 28 cm, blade length approx. 15.2 cm, with blade protector The key advantages of STONELINE® ceramic knives at a glance: Extremely hard and exceptionally sharp Heat-resistant, dimensionally stable, and acid-resistant Ultra-lightweight – no comparison to steel knives Double-edged blade: suitable for both right- and left-handers Tasteless and odorless Easy to clean Stainless, hypoallergenic Material: Ceramic, plastic
€19.95* €49.95* (30,00 € saved)

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