STONELINE® Back to Nature ceramic knife set, 2 pcs.


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STONELINE® - The Original!

Wood is the hip style element to add a warm accent to any kitchen ambiance and create a calming, balanced atmosphere. The Back to Nature line from STONELINE® combines these qualities. The products in a stylish wood look become a harmonious eye-catcher even on the laid table.

Style meets technology: these knives with handles in wood design are the highlight in every kitchen.

The hardness of ceramics is only surpassed by diamonds - which is why the blades of these knives are still extremely sharp even after intensive use and glide effortlessly through the material being cut.

Another plus: the light weight of the ceramic knives allows for comfortable cutting. The blades of these knives are also ground on both sides, making them ideal for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The stainless knives are tasteless and odorless and ideal for allergy sufferers. The utility knife is ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables, sausage or cheese, the chef's knife for cutting meat, fish or poultry.

This 2-piece set consists of:

1 utility knife, total length approx. 21 cm, blade length approx. 10 cm, with blade guard.
1 chef's knife, total length approx. 28 cm, blade length approx. 15.2 cm, with blade guard.

The most important advantages of STONELINE® ceramic knives at a glance:

- Extremely hard and especially sharp
- Heat-resistant, dimensionally stable and acid-resistant
- Ultra light - no comparison to steel knives
- Blade ground on both sides: suitable for right- and left-handers
- Tasteless and odorless
- Easy to clean
- Stainless, anti-allergenic
- Material: ceramic, plastic
Blade length: 10 to 15 cm, 15 to 20 cm, up to 10 cm
Handle: Softtouch
Material: Ceramic
Type: Chef knives, Cooking Knives, Kitchen Knives, Universal Knives, Vegetable Knives

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