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STONELINE® - The original!

Cook and fry without additional oils and fat!

Made for daily use, for cooking and frying without oil and fat, for the very best taste.
High-quality kitchen utensils complete the product range.

„STONELINE® offers modern technology and the very best quality at prices that anyone can afford. This is what I stand for.“

Michael Schmiederer
Developer of the STONELINE® brand


Why are STONELINE® pots and pans better than conventional cookware?

The STONELINE® cookware is equipped with the specially developed high-quality STONELINE® coating that has ideal non-stick properties and is extremely tough and scratch-proof. Enjoy healthy non-fat frying and cooking in cookware that prevents food from burning and is incredibly easy to clean thanks to the PFOA-free coating.

Fantastic non-stick properties

Fry your meat and fish scorch-free without additional fat or oil. Remove your food from the cookware easily thanks to the extraordinary anti-stick properties. Of course you can also use oil and fat as usual to your preferences, for example when preparing fried potatoes.

Extremely scratch-proof

The STONELINE® pots and pans have an extraordinarily tough and robust surface with a high scratch-resistance.

Super easy to clean

Thanks to the easy clean effect it is usually sufficient to wipe STONELINE® and STONE cookware with a wet cloth.