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We have already saved over 3,914,000 kg of CO2 with our projects.
This is the equivalent of ...

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… an 11,771,573 km car ride. This is more than 250 trips around the world. … the annual carbon footprint of 94,130 German citizens. In other words, the annual CO2 emissions of an entire town.  … the amount of CO2 bound by 308,878 beech trees annually. This is a forest larger than 430 football fields.

Climate Neutrality

The amount of natural resources on earth is limited. It should be everyone’s goal, and not just that of the individual, to use these resources responsibly and to lead a sustainable lifestyle. This is the only way to maintain the highest possible quality of life for all people. The protection of the environment is the top priority.

Our cooperation partner

ClimatePartner is a provider of climate protection solutions for companies. ClimatePartner combines individual consulting with cloud-based software that is unique on the market. Customers can use it to calculate, reduce and offset unavoidable CO2 emissions. In this way, products and companies become climate-neutral, which is confirmed by the ClimatePartner label. ClimatePartner offers climate protection projects in different regions and with different technologies and standards. Very important social effects are also generated by the projects, which use the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, as a benchmark.
ClimatePartner and WARIMEX have been cooperation partners since 2018. Find out more about the climate-neutral activities of our group of companies here .

Climate-neutral products

 The term ‘climate-neutral’ is used to describe companies, processes and products whose CO2 emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects. In addition to prevention and reduction, carbon offsetting is another important step in integrated climate protection. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can be offset by implementing climate protection measures elsewhere.

With this in mind, Warimex is committed to taking an active role in these developments and pursuing a targeted environmental management strategy. As part of this strategy, the Natural Line® product range – the climate-neutral range from WARIMEX® – was launched. The products from this range are made from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane, bamboo and straw. All Natural Line® products are manufactured using climate-neutral processes.

Good reasons to choose climate-neutral products:

  • You can contribute to global climate protection and support recognised climate protection projects
  • You can take specific action to reinforce your climate protection goals
  • You do not incur any additional costs: We cover all costs for CO2 offsetting
  • Total transparency: The carbon offset can be traced using the ID number – tested by TÜV Austria

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Klimaneutral bis zum Endverbraucher

Unser Unternehmen sieht sich in der Verantwortung, das Thema Klimaneutralität nicht nur auf die Beschaffung der Rohstoffe und die Produktion unserer Produkte zu beschränken, sondern auch darüber hinaus. Wir arbeiten deshalb mit DHL als festen Partner im Rahmen des GOGREEN-Programmes zusammen und sorgen so für eine klimaneutrale Zustellung bis zum Endverbraucher. Dafür wurden wir seitens der DHL zertifiziert.

Our climate protection project

Not only does WARIMEX manufacture all Natural Line® products using climate-neutral processes,
it also follows a climate-neutral approach as a company.
its support of the climate protection project for the drinking water supply in Odisha and India.
The climate protection project in the Indian state of Odisha was set up to treat drinking water with chlorine. As a result, the water now no longer needs to be boiled. This reduces CO2 emissions and improves the health of the local people. Find out more about our latest climate protection project here

Climate protection through clean drinking water

Overview of our climate protection projects

Corporate Carbon Footprint Report







Certificate Partner
in Climate Protection 2019

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Certificate Partner
in Climate Protection 2020

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Be a role model for others – we strive to inspire others through our commitment and strong sense of responsibility with the aim of promoting sustainability in society.

Environmental management

Sustainable business is an important buzzword and one of our key priorities. For example, we use solar energy to help generate electricity, heat and hot water at our headquarters in the Black Forest. Furthermore, we strive to protect the environment, which also means using our resources sustainably.
The sustainability requirements of the products affect the entire value chain:
from production and quality inspection to transport and delivery to the customer – STONELINE® products stand for a better quality of life. The materials used in production are an important part of this.

The manufacturing of STONELINE® cookware is guaranteed solvent and PFOA-free. Synergy effects are obtained through innovative firing and drying processes that enable optimal use of the heat generated and ensure efficient energy use.

The STONELINE® product range also includes products made from renewable raw materials such as bioplastic PLA or bio-PE, both made from sugar cane, as well as bamboo and straw. NATURAL LINE®, the climate-neutral range of STONELINE®, features environmentally-friendly products from climate-neutral manufacturing.

We have always made every effort to offer our customers high-quality and innovative products. But responsibility means more than just considering and managing the product life cycle in economic terms.

For us, responsibility means:

  • To be innovative
  • Acting responsibly for our own company, for society and for the environment
  • Taking social and ecological concerns into account
  • Protecting the environment from unnecessary pollution
  • Using sustainable energies
  • To recycle products
  • To offer products made from renewable raw materials
  • To demonstrate ethical and moral values
  • To create and secure jobs
  • To show social and societal commitment

The focus is always on the goal of conserving resources, minimising waste and operating sustainably.

For our future - for our children!