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BEYOND® Cooking Pot 24 cm, with Lid and Strainer Basket | Stainless Steel Pasta Pot
BEYOND® – One for Everything!This pot wonder can do more than just cook!With the BEYOND® stainless steel cooking pot, you're bringing a true multitasking talent into your home.Place the BEYOND® on the stove, and you're good to go: cooking, frying, stewing, baking, steaming, or blanching – everything is possible!As a pasta pot, the BEYOND® is simply unbeatable – you don't need an additional strainer for draining anymore. Simply boil water for pasta, hang the strainer, add the noodles, cook, and finally drain the water – the noodles stay in the strainer. The trick: the strainer rotates with it!The BEYOND® is also visually unbeatable and a real eye-catcher: it's made of rust-free stainless steel and is polished to a high gloss in the final production step. The high-quality material makes it extremely robust, yet lightweight and easy to handle.Of course, this all-rounder can also be used in the oven. The pot is heat-resistant up to 220°C. So you can go straight from the stove to the oven with your pasta and bake it with cheese – all without needing additional cookware! Another advantage of the practical BEYOND® cooking pot: With the BEYOND® cooking pot, you're not only enriching your home, but you're also doing something good: The cooking pot holds the title: Carbon-Neutral Product. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, WARIMEX calculates all CO2 emissions resulting from the production, transport, and packaging of the product. The emissions produced are offset by the company Warimex through an internationally recognized climate protection project. In this case, the company supports forest protection in Portel, Brazil. Every year, large portions of the rainforest are cut down and used by agricultural businesses, such as for soybean plantations. This diminishes one of the earth's most important CO2 sinks and leads to the loss of habitat for animals and Amazon residents. The project ensures the long-term preservation of the forest and protects the area from negative influences, together with the local population. 1 BEYOND® Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, Ø approx. 24 cm, Height: approx. 15 cm, approx. 6.7 liters1 Glass Lid, Ø approx. 24 cm1 Strainer Insert, Ø approx. 21.5 cm Jack of all trades: suitable for cooking, frying, stewing, baking, steaming, or blanching With a rotating and removable strainer insert Even heat distribution thanks to a triple-layered thermal base Pot oven-safe up to 220°C, glass lid up to 180°C Suitable for all types of stovetops, including induction Base thickness: 4.5 mm Material: rust-free stainless steel, high-gloss polished
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Vegetable and Pasta Pots

Vegetable and pasta pots are indispensable in any kitchen. The high-quality aluminum pots are perfect for cooking vegetables, pasta and other side dishes. Thanks to the unique non-stick coating with real stone particles from STONELINE, nothing burns and the food always turns out perfectly.

The vegetable and pasta pots have a well thought-out design that allows for gentle and effective preparation. The high-quality aluminum ensures rapid heating and even distribution of heat in the pot. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning easier.

The pots are available in different sizes and designs to meet individual needs in the kitchen. Whether for a small or large portion, for vegetables or pasta - STONELINE offers the right pot for every occasion.

STONELINE's vegetable and pasta pots are robust, durable and can be used on all types of stoves, including induction. Thanks to their excellent quality, they are ideal for everyday use in the kitchen