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STONELINE® Saucepan 18 cm, with Lid, 2 Spouts, Skillet, Non-Stick Pot | CLASSIC
STONELINE® - The original! Healthy nonfat cooking and frying This die-cast aluminium saucepan is great for boiling milk or water, for creating delicious sauces, soups as well as for warming up food. The saucepan is equally great for frying and roasting. Nothing burns and nothing sticks even if you prefer cooking without additional fat or oil. The two practical spouts make draining liquids super easy without spilling or having to use additional kitchen utensils! 1 sauce pan, ø approx. 18 cm, height: approx. 9.3 cm, approx. 1.8 l 1 glass lid, ø approx. 18 cm The most important advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance: Scratch-proof non-stick STONELINE® coating Perfect results and crispy meat Perfect taste Vitamin-friendly cooking and frying without fat and oil No burning and no sticking Super easy to clean Suitable for all cookers including induction cookers Extra strong, non-distorting base Base thickness 4.5 mm This product is oven-proof up to 180 °C Material: die-cast aluminium Tips for cleaning and careWe recommend cleaning your cookware thoroughly with water and a mild detergent before the first use. Apply a few drops of cooking oil with a kitchen towel onto the coating. No fat or oil is needed for further use! Thanks to the Easy-Clean effect we recommend cleaning the cookware by hand. Wipe clean with hot water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge.
€49.95* €84.95* (35,00 € saved)
STONELINE® Saucepan 20 cm, Skillet, Non-Stick Pot | GOURMUNDO
STONELINE® - The Original! Healthy cooking and frying without fat! This saucepan is ideal for boiling milk and water, preparing sauces, compotes, purées or soups, and for warming dishes up. Of course, you can also use the saucepan for frying and braising dishes. The high-quality anti-stick coating prevents food from burning and sticking, even if you prefer to cook without fat or oil if you are watching your weight. 1 saucepan, diam. approx. 20 cm, height: approx. 9.5 cm, approx. 2.5 l The key advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance: Scratch-resistant STONELINE® anti-stick coating A perfect fry and crispy cooked meat Fantastic flavour Vitamin-preserving cooking and frying without fat or oil No burning and no sticking Superbly easy to clean Suitable for all hobs, including induction Extra-strong, warp-free base This product is oven-safe up to 160°C Base thickness 3mm Material: Aluminium Cleaning and care tips: Before using it for the first time, we recommend washing your cookware or bakeware thoroughly with a little water and gentle detergent. Then use a paper towel to spread a few drops of cooking oil over the coating. We recommend cleaning by hand thanks to the Easy-Clean effect. Simply wipe out with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge.
€39.95* €54.95* (15,00 € saved)
STONELINE® Saucepan 18 cm, Strainer Lid, 2 Spouts, Skillet, Non-Stick Pot | FUTURE
STONELINE® - The Original!Healthy nonfat cooking and frying! The STONELINE® FUTURE series is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals! Two practical spouts on pots and pans make it easy to pour and transfer liquids cleanly - without dirtying your cookware and stovetop! Another advantage of the STONELINE® FUTURE series is the integrated fine and coarse straining function in the lids. This means you no longer need a separate strainer and bowl, as you can quickly and easily serve pasta, for example, directly from the pot. The lid can be conveniently placed in the practical lid holder on the edge of the cookware in this series. This allows excess liquid to flow back into the cookware, avoiding unnecessary sauce or water drips on your countertop when removing the lid. The specially designed lid knob offers ample space for a comfortable grip without the risk of burns! This saucepan is particularly suitable for frying small pieces of meat, slowly heating dishes, or preparing sauces. Handiness and flexibility are essential features of this saucepan. 1 saucepan, approx. 18 cm in diameter, height: approx. 9.3 cm, approx. 2.0 liters, induction base: approx. 14 cm in diameter 1 sieve glass lid, approx. 18 cm in diameter The key advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance: World's only non-stick coating with real stone particles Scratch-resistant STONELINE® non-stick coating Cook and fry without fat and oil, preserving vitamins Optimal frying results and crispy meat Also suitable for vegetarians: vegetables stay crisp and juicy No burning or sticking Super easy to clean Extra-strong, warp-resistant base Base thickness: 4.5 mm Suitable for all types of stovetops, including induction Oven-safe up to 180°C (356°F) Material: Cast aluminum Cleaning and Care Tips: Before first use, we recommend thoroughly washing your cookware or bakeware with some water and a mild detergent.Then, spread a few drops of cooking oil on the coating using a paper kitchen towel.For subsequent use, you can omit the use of oil or fat!Thanks to the Easy-Clean effect, hand cleaning is recommended. Simply wipe with hot water, dish soap, and a soft sponge.
€49.95* €84.95* (35,00 € saved)


Saucepans are the perfect addition to any kitchen and offer versatility. Thanks to the material of high-quality aluminum, they are robust and withstand even high temperatures. In combination with the unique STONELINE non-stick coating with real stone particles, saucepans are ideal for frying, boiling, braising and even deep-frying.

Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the saucepans are easy to handle and can be transported effortlessly from the stovetop to the table. The non-stick coating ensures that nothing burns and cleaning is child's play.

Saucepans are particularly suitable for preparing sauces, soups and small dishes. They are also ideal for sautéing vegetables or meat and then cooking them in the oven. The saucepans are available in different sizes and can be selected according to your needs.

Whether you are a professional chef or an avid amateur cook, a saucepan belongs in every kitchen. It is versatile, easy to use and facilitates the preparation of numerous dishes. With an aluminum saucepan with STONELINE non-stick coating with real stone particles, you can be sure that you will get the best quality and functionality.