STONELINE® Smell Well Cookware set, 3-piece, including Glass Lid with Odour Filter or Aroma Function

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STONELINE® – The Original!  WORLD FIRST – Benefit from the smallest extractor hood in... altro

STONELINE® – The Original! 

WORLD FIRST – Benefit from the smallest extractor hood in the world in this set with the STONELINE® Smell Well glass lid! Use it to banish unpleasant cooking odours from your kitchen! 

The patented glass lid features the unique Smell Well cartridge. This cartridge offers an optional odour filter or aroma function. The odour filter insert filters out food odours, preventing unpleasant smells from escaping, for example when cooking fish dishes. The aroma function can be used with herbs, fruit peel, etc. instead of the carbon filter to distribute a pleasant scent in your kitchen while cooking. 

The glass lid also has a silicon rim. This silicon rim protects the surface of the cookware from scratches and makes the glass lid more resistant to breaking. The silicon glass lid sits directly on the edge of the cookware. This saves energy and avoids any rattling noises during cooking. 

In addition to the Smell Well glass lid, the set also includes the STONELINE® FUTURE casserole dish with a diameter of approx. 28 cm. The casserole dish has an extra-high edge at 6.5 cm and a capacity of around 3.4 litres, making it ideal for all roasted and stewed dishes.

Also in the set is the STONELINE® FUTURE stewing pan with a diameter of approx. 28 cm and a height of 13.5 cm. The stewing pan is therefore ideal for preparing larger quantities or for stewing dishes with lots of liquid. 

This 3-piece set comprises:
1 Smell Well glass lid, diam.
28 cm
1 casserole dish, diam. approx. 
28 cm, height: approx. 6.5 cm, approx. 3.4 l
1 stewing pan, diam. approx. 28 cm, height: approx. 13.5 cm, approx. 6.9 l
1 refill set of 2 activated charcoal filters and 30 fleece insert sheets for aroma function 

The key advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance:

Smell Well multi-function glass lid:

  • Smell Well cartridge with odour filter and aroma function
  • Glass viewing window
  • No burning of the hands thanks to silicon handle
  • Heat-resistant up to 180 °C (without Smell Well cartridge)
  • Material: Viewing window made from break-resistant glass, silicon rim
  • Easy cleaning: rinse with hot water, dry, and you're done (dishwasher safe)

Casserole dish and stewing pan:

  • Scratch-resistant, STONELINE® anti-stick coating
  • Vitamin-preserving cooking and frying without fat or oil
  • A perfect fry and crispy cooked meat
  • Also suitable for VEGETARIANS: vegetables stay crunchy and juicy
  • No burning and no sticking
  • Superbly easy to clean
  • Extra-strong, warp-free base
  • Base thickness: 4.5 mm 5 mm
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction
  • Oven-safe up to 180 °C
  • Material: Cast aluminium 

Cleaning and care tips:
Before using it for the first time, we recommend washing your cookware or bakeware thoroughly with a little water and gentle detergent.
Then use a paper towel to spread a few drops of cooking oil over the coating.
With further use, you can stop using fat or oil!
We recommend cleaning by hand thanks to the Easy-Clean effect. Simply wipe out with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge.

Diametro: 28 cm
Colore: Antracite
Adatto ad Induzione:
Numero di parti: 4 parti
Contenuto: da 3 fino a 4, su 5 l
Trattare: Fisso
Serie: Smell Well
Altezza: 5 bis 10 cm, 10 bis 15 cm
forno adatto fino a: 140 °C
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