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STONELINE® Square Silicone Strainer Lid 28 cm, Odour & Aroma Function | SMELL WELL


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STONELINE® – The Original!

For your square pans and pots, enjoy a fresh and clean environment while cooking with the STONELINE® Smell Well, without any disturbing odors. Experience a new level of comfort and freshness in your kitchen. Serving pans: The patented STONELINE® Smell Well glass lid. Included in the set: A square glass lid 24 x 24 cm with silicone rim and sieve function, and the unique Smell Well cartridge including refill set.

1 Smell Well glass lid 24 x 24 cm including 1 activated charcoal filter 1 refill set consisting of 2 activated charcoal filters and 30 fleece inserts for aroma function

Small but powerful!

The Smell Well line from STONELINE® presents the "smallest extractor hood in the world" with its glass lid and unique Smell Well cartridge. The Smell Well cartridge is popular for its versatility, as it can be used either with its odor filter function or with its aroma function.

With the activated charcoal filter in place, the cartridge serves as an odor filter, eliminating food odors, thus preventing unpleasant room scents.

Alternatively, the world's smallest extractor hood with its aroma function can also be used as a scent vaporizer. For this purpose, a fleece insert is placed in the cartridge, and herbs, fruit peels, etc., are filled onto it as desired. The steam from the pot or pan rises into the cartridge, releasing the scent of the aromas contained therein into the room. The fragrances disperse in the air, creating a pleasant room atmosphere. Why not try lime peels for a refreshing scent experience or lavender blossoms for a relaxed ambiance?

The Smell Well cartridge is compatible with all lids from the Smell Well line by STONELINE®, whether round, square, or oval. The glass lid with the small extractor hood Smell Well is an essential part of every cookware set, offering many features and options to make your cooking routine easier:

The multifunctional glass lid is ideal for kitchens where a conventional extractor hood cannot be installed, in open kitchens, as an additional odor neutralizer when frying particularly odorous foods (fish, spices, meat, etc.), as an extractor hood when cooking or steaming food in the pot, or as an aroma diffuser.

This square Smell Well lid comes with a silicone rim and sieve function. The silicone rim protects your pots and pans from scratches and makes the lid more break-resistant.

When combined with cookware from the STONELINE® FUTURE line, you'll enjoy even more benefits: the lid features coarse and fine sieve functions. This is especially practical because the pots and pans from the STONELINE® FUTURE line have side notches. So, it's as simple as this: put the lid on the cookware, drain the water, and voilà – serve the pasta straight from the stove to the table. Additionally, the STONELINE® FUTURE cookware has holders on the rim to place the lid there. So, if you need to remove the lid from the cookware, place it in the corresponding lid holder, and the condensation will drip back into the pot or pan. It couldn't be more convenient! The lid has a large, ergonomic knob. It's designed to provide ample space between the lid and the handle, ensuring a comfortable grip and avoiding burns. You can use the lid in the oven without the cartridge at temperatures up to 180°C.

And the best part is yet to come: even after use, the Smell Well glass lid brings joy. Simply remove the cartridge and put it in the dishwasher. For even quicker cleaning, handwash the lid without the cartridge with hot water, dry it, and you're done. This saves time and even energy! Clearly, the lid with the Smell Well filter is the perfect solution for your home.

Need a round Smell Well glass lid that fits as many of your pots and pans as possible? Here's our Universal Glass Lid with the world's smallest extractor hood – suitable for all round pots and pans with diameters of 22, 24, 26, and 28 cm.

If you don't want to miss out on your mini-extractor hood even on vacation and you don't want any food odors in your camper, vacation rental, or mobile home, then pack the lid with SMELL WELL cartridge directly into your suitcase. This compact, portable extractor hood even fits in your carry-on luggage!

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