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FREYERSBACHER Edelstahl Hammerschlag Messer-Set, 3-teilig
Freyersbacher® stainless steel embossed blade knife set, 3 pieces
Freyersbacher ® - since 1838 This high quality knife combines traditional forging skills and new technology ! Extraordinary sharpness thanks to the double-edged blade.Textured silicone handle ensures excellent grip. This 3 piece embossed...
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Freyersbacher® Brotback- und Grillstein
Freyersbacher® Barbecue and Bread Stone
Healthy & non-fat frying/grilling on the grill or in an oven! Perfect for frying meat or simmering vegetables The natural ceramic stone generates a temperature even heat making your grilled food crispy Food stays hot for a long time Heat...
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