Natural Line ® Recycling pan set, 3 pieces, 20/24/28 cm, Made in Germany, induction, non-stick coated


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Natural Line®
Climate-neutral recycled pans. From nature - for nature!

This pan set is ideal for all frying and braising dishes! Prepare crispy fried potatoes, delicious vegetables, fluffy egg dishes and crispy fried meat or cutlets. The Hybrid® coating features optimal non-stick properties. Fry meat, vegetables or fish without your food sticking to the bottom of the pan. It doesn't matter whether you cook on glass ceramic, induction, electric or gas.

After cooking, the pans are very easy to clean, thanks to the Easy-Clean effect.

These pans are manufactured in a resource-efficient way: Approximately 95% less energy is required in new production. In addition, the body of the pan is made of 100% recycled aluminum and the handle with recycled wood content. Recycled materials are also used in the packaging. 

Another benefit of recycled pans:
With the Natural Line® recycled pans you not only enrich your home, you also do something good: The frying pans bear the title: climate-neutral product. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, WARIMEX calculates all the CO2 emissions produced by the manufacture, transport and packaging of the article. Warimex offsets the emissions produced in the process via an internationally recognized climate protection project. In this case, the company supports forest protection in Portel, Brazil. Here, large quantities of rainforest are cleared every year and used by agricultural operations, for example to grow soy plantations. As a result, one of the most important CO2 reservoirs on earth is becoming smaller and smaller, and animals as well as the inhabitants of the Amazon are losing their habitat. The project ensures that the forest is preserved in the long term and, together with the local population, protects the area from negative influences. 

This 6-piece set consists of:

1 frying pan, ø approx. 20 cm, height: approx. 4.2 cm, approx. 1.1 l, induction bottom: Ø approx. 13 cm
1 frying pan, ø approx. 24 cm, height: approx. 4.4 cm, approx. 1.5 l, induction bottom: Ø approx. 16.2 cm
1 frying pan, ø approx. 28 cm, height: approx. 4.7 cm, approx. 2.3 l, induction bottom: Ø approx. 19.8 cm 

The most important advantages of the Natural Line® frying pans at a glance: 

- Sustainable Hybrid® non-stick coating for long-lasting cooking pleasure
- Healthy and vitamin-preserving frying with little fat & oil
- Approx. 95 % less energy required for new production
- Pan body made of 100% recycled aluminum
- Handle with recycled wood content
- Even heat distribution Free from harmful substances
- Resource-efficiently produced
- Made in Germany
- Extremely high scratch resistance
- Super easy to clean, thanks to Easy-Clean effect
- Suitable for all types of stove, including induction
- Extra strong, warp-free base
- Heat-resistant up to 150 °C

Cleaning and care tips:
Before using for the first time, we recommend washing your cookware thoroughly with a little water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Then spread a few drops of cooking oil on the coating with a paper kitchen towel. Thanks to the easy-clean effect, cleaning by hand is recommended. Simply wipe out with hot water, hand dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge.
Coating: Non-stick coating
Content: from 1 l to 2 l, from 2 l to 3 l
Diameter: 20 cm, 24 cm, 28 cm
Handle: Fixed
Height: 2 to 5 cm
Lid: No
Number of parts: 3 parts
Oven suitable until: 150 °C
Series: Natural Line
Type: Pan Sets

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