STONELINE® Made in Germany frying pan, 26 cm, with removable handle

STONELINE® Made in Germany frying pan, 26 cm, with removable handle
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STONELINE® Made in Germany! This cookware, cast by a master hand , is not only... more

STONELINE® Made in Germany!

This cookware, cast by a master hand, is not only distinguished by the mark of quality "made in Germany". Due to the cast aluminium, the cookware is tension-free and does not deform even at very high temperatures. The extra strong base sits perfectly on the stove so that heat can be absorbed directly and quickly. This guarantees very energy efficient cooking. Gentle cooking ensures that the nutritional value of the food,the minerals and the vitamins are largely preserved.

Due to excellent heat conduction, this cookware is ideal for frying, stewing, braising and steaming. High heat resistance and the removable handle make it possible to use the pans as casserole dishes in the oven. In addition, the pans can be used to keep food fresh in the fridge or for storage in a cupboard.

The special titanium-aluminium layer on the surface guarantees an extremely hard pan surface, ensuring optimal scratch resistance. Combined with outstanding non-stick properties, this top product of German high class workmanship is very convincing in terms of quality and functionality.

1 cast frying pan, ø approx. 26 cm, height: approx. 6.0 cm, approx. 2.7 l

The most important advantages of the STONELINE® cookware at a glance:

  • Material body of the pan: cast aluminium
    • Cast by hand
    • Made of finest raw materials
    • Tensionless casting method
    • With every use the cooking properties improve
  • Induction base
    • Plotted by hand
    • Extra strong 7 mm base
    • Non-distorting base even in case of high temperatures
    • Optimal heat absorption and heat storage
  • Equipped with a unique titanium-aluminum-coating
    • Extreme hard coating
    • Optimal scratch-resistance
    • Resistant to cutting and abrasion
  • Excellent non-stick coating
    • No scorching, no sticking
    • Easy-clean-effect
  • Reinforced rim
    • Easy pouring without dripping
    • Higher shock resistance
  • With removable handles
    • Perfect for use in the oven
    • Space-saving storage
    • Safe handling due to solid  xation
    • Easy handling
  • Convenient for roasting, steaming, stewing, gratinating in the oven
  • Suitable for all kind of stove, also induction
  • Cookware without handle ovenproof up to 260 °C
  • Made in Germany – German high-quality product
Diameter: 26 cm
Handle: Removable
Content: from 2 l to 3 l
Material: Aluminium
Suitable Induction: Yes
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