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STONELINE® Low Pressure Cooker 24 cm, Non-Stick Cooking Pot, Energy-Saving Pot
STONELINE® - The original!Healthy nonfat cooking and fryingSecure low pressure function: Outlet valve for an even and constant vapor pressure. Steam is released from the sides. Up to 70 % energy and 50 % time saving unlike traditional pots.Low-pressure functional lid: Immediate opening during cooking possible; allows spontaneous seasoning. Simple and intuitive handling: Lid lock closes and opens when turning it.Functional full-view cooking due to the glass insert. Healthy nutrition: valuable vitamins & nutrients are savedHandles with non-slip silicone protectors prevent burns.Ovenproof due to silicone protectors can be removed.Made of high quality die--cast aluminium which assures an optimal thermal conductivity and long heat storage. Extra strong bottom that will not bend. Suitable for all cookers, even induction cookers. The cookware are equipped with the original STONELINE® coating. It is extremely robust, has perfect nonstick properties and is super easy to clean. This set consists of: 1 roasting pot Ø 24 cm , hight approx. 11.9 cm, ~ 4.5 l1 low-pressure functional lid2 silicon protection handles The most important advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance: Scratch-proof non-stick STONELINE® coating No excess pressure: easy opening during cooking Up to 70 % energy and 50 % time saving unlike traditional pots  Functional full-view cooking Easy operation Fast and even heat transfer Perfect results and crispy meat Perfect taste For vitamin-preserving cooking and frying without fat or oil No burning and no sticking Super easy to clean Suitable for all cookers including induction cookers Extra strong, non-distorting base Base thickness 5.5 mm Material: die-cast aluminium Tips for cleaning and care: We recommend cleaning your cookware thoroughly with water and a mild detergent before the first use. Apply a few drops of cooking oil with a kitchen towel onto the coating. No fat or oil is needed for further use! Thanks to the Easy-Clean effect we recommend cleaning the cookware by hand. Wipe clean with hot water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge.
€84.95* €119.95* (35,00 € saved)

Pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are an essential cooking utensil in any kitchen to prepare quick and healthy meals. STONELINE pressure cookers are made of high quality aluminum and have the unique STONELINE non-stick coating with real stone particles.

Thanks to the special technology of STONELINE non-stick coating, nothing sticks and cleaning is a breeze. The high-quality aluminum construction ensures fast and even heat distribution and saves time and energy. The pots are available in different sizes and offer space for a variety of dishes.

Pressure cookers are great for steaming vegetables, rice, legumes and more. They reduce cooking time by up to 70% while preserving the full flavor and nutritional content of the food. The pressure cooker preserves the flavor of the ingredients and the food retains its color and taste.

The STONELINE pressure cooker is easy to use and has safety features such as a pressure relief mechanism and safety valve to minimize the risk of accidents. With this high-quality cookware, you can quickly and easily prepare delicious and healthy meals that your family will love.