AWAVE® Storage jars set made from rPET, set of 3, rosé


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AWAVE® - for a better future

What makes us different from other food cans?
We are made from 12 recycled PET bottles and are food grade.

Why are we so special?
...because we make your everyday life a highlight! Whether for unpacked shopping, for storage or as a purely decorative object: we are robust, functional and look stunningly good. Thanks to the airtight silicone ring, we protect aromas in the best possible way, be it when keeping them fresh, transporting them or storing them, and other utensils also stay well stowed away with us. The fact that 12 recycled PET bottles have been given a second life is our valuable contribution to waste avoidance and resource conservation.

This set consists of:
1 storage jar small rosé, approx. 10.4 x 8.2 cm, height: approx. 10.1 cm, approx. 500 ml
1 storage jar medium rosé, approx. 10.4 x 8.8 cm, height: approx. 13.5 cm, approx. 800 ml
1 storage jar big rosé, approx. 10.4 x 8.8 cm, height: approx. 17.2 cm, approx. 1000 ml

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Made from 12 recycled PET bottles
  • Environmentally friendly & good for the eco-balance
  • Sustainable, as they can be recycled themselves
  • Hygienic & food safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Easy to clean
  • Material: rPET, silicone
  • Packaging made of FSC-certified material

Because resource conservation is a matter close to our hearts! Plastic does not belong in the environment, but should flow back into the production chain as a raw material in the most gentle way possible. AWAVE® sees itself as responsible here and manufactures products from recycled or bio-based plastics, which can themselves be recycled again. This creates a cycle that Mother Nature shows us how to do. Zero waste for more environmental protection!

Type: Storage

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